If your child’s stinky feet are driving you crazy, continue reading for tips on getting through this stage of life.
Well I notice little girls tend to have the stinkiest feet, way more stinkier than the boys. Boys have stinky feet even if they don’t wear adorable flats sockless that eventually smell like limburger soaked in vinegar.
Hormonal changes can cause an increase in sweating. Additionally, children are always active, which causes greater perspiration as the body tries to regulate its temperature. This breakdown of the shoe structure can cause the shoe to dry slower and smell a bit more.

I have one girl 8, and my other 4 kids are boys even some teenagers in the mix, and my one girls feet stink like crazy…I mean REALLY REALLY SUPER MEGA STINKY like cheese, popcorn and ammonia with a mix of corchips and doritos in there.
Like an adult, a child has 250,000 sweat glands in the feet, but kids’ feet sweat two to three times more than adult feet! Sweat itself doesn’t stink, but the moisture saturates and feeds bacteria living on the body and in the footwear… and that is what causes the pungent stench afflicting your nostrils!

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