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Podiatrists at the Kew Foot Clinic have a special interest in biomechanics, along with dedication, skill and a holistic approach to help you with your foot, knee or back pain. Orthotics can be used for very young children with foot problems through to the very elderly foot. Some people will develop discomfort in the foot, legs or lower back when they first start to wear their orthotics.
When we fit the orthotics we advise the patient on how many hours a day they should be wearing them. If you would like to discuss any foot problem you have and whether orthotics could help please contact the Kew Foot Clinic on (03) 98536877.

To understand your individual gait and to prescribe the right orthotic for you is an art as well as a science.
The patient is able to see what they look like from behind as it can be freeze framed and put into slow motion. A thorough assessment is carried out and with our expertise we are able to make a very comfortable arch support that will help put the foot and your body into a better functioning position. They can be made to fit football and soccer boots, ladies high heeled shoes, dress shoes, school shoes and runners.
This is what is called a “wear in period” so the majority of people who wear orthotics for the first time don’t usually get any pain unless they haven’t followed the correct advice.

They also can change postural stability (pelvic tilt), decrease certain tissue stresses and improve foot and lower limb function. The patient can see exactly how their foot and leg is functioning which allows them to gain a greater understanding of how their body is moving.

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