Apart from high heels, flats can also cause back pain and can, in fact, be more stressful to the spine than high heels. This article considers why continuously wearing high-heeled shoes may put women at greater risk of developing lower back pain.
Besides foot, leg and back pain, chronic high heel wearers may even begin to have pain when wearing flats. The foot’s downward pointing in high heels reduces the ability to flex the foot and absorb shock. Seeing women struggle in high heels probably means that it is not surprising that high heels cause back pain.
Find for detailed information about wearing the correct footwear and how it relates to back pain. You try to wear your flat shoes for the day because you had read somewhere that heels are bad for you – (perhaps even in one of my earlier articles). The arches in a human foot works like a shock absorber – they reduce the impact of the ankle, knee and hip joints, as well as the joints of the low back.

High heels are one of the worst offenders, as wearing heels that are more than one inch high will lead to walking with your back bent. Flats are made of very thin material and are not supportive enough for the arch and, hence, they should be avoided.
Wearing high heels brings in a change in normal gait patterns, increased stance, shorter stride length, and unstable postures, which adds pressure on the knees and the lower back.
People who have flat feet will often have back problems because their feet and arches are not able to handle and distribute the stresses of their body weight properly.
It results in a shorter Achilles tendon, as a result of which even changing to flat shoes does not help in fully touching the ground with the heels. Muscles in the legs tend to work more to prevent the woman from falling forward, which results in shin and back pain. Standing and working for prolonged periods in high heels is contraindicated and will eventually lead to pain and distress.
Flattened arches are very common in the general population, so it is no surprise that so many women and men complain about pain when wearing flat shoes without a supporting insert or orthotic.

Below are some of the most common complaints by those with flat feet, apart from back pain:High heels force you onto the balls of your feet, activating an arch-strengthening built-in mechanism. The position of the foot while wearing high heels prevents it from absorbing any shock, resulting in greater load strain on the knees, hips, and lower back, which may ultimately lead to arthritis.
If you wear heels all the time, these muscles are in a constant state of contraction and can physically shorten (this is why daily stretching is so important).
When you take your heels off and switch to flats, you are asking these muscles to lengthen out for you; however, after much repetition, the muscles are not as malleable as they once were and the tight muscles in the back of your legs pull down on the back of your pelvis, as depicted in the photo above.
Your upper body has to move forward to balance your center of gravity, causing the curve in your low back to flatten out. We have these curves for strength and support and, when they are lost, our muscles act on the spine in a disorganized fashion to keep us erect so we end up with pain.

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