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1 Comment   I have to say, if there's one thing New York City does well - and cheap - it's a good manicure. It's the one thing that I swipe on if I only have five seconds to get ready in the morning, which is frequently the case. Water doesn't help the hands - I am too lazy to wear rubber gloves every time I rinse a dish, and I've had at least one kid to bathe every night for the past nine years. Those that fall into the "impulse buy" category and are one-offs - usually these don't even get used up before landing in the bin. I've tried pretty much every type of hand and foot cream out there - from cheap drugstore brands to those specially formulated for intensive repair.

But then every once in awhile I discover what becomes a "tried and true" product - one that I will be racing to buy more of once I run out.
Cleverly named Baby Foot, it claimed to restore my feet back to the baby soft skin I had as a wee one. REN products use only 100% plant and mineral derived ingredients (cool) but give you groundbreaking product formulation and clinically proven results (even cooler).
This one really does live up to its name and deliver tons of volume, but without the goopy smudging, caking, and flaking that many other brands deliver.
Widely acknowledged as one of the world's leading hair colourists, all of Daniel's team members are trained in-house to use his specially developed techniques.

Invented in 2007 (but only recently becoming wildly popular), Minx is a nail coating that is applied using heat (a hair dryer) and pressure and thus lasts an incredibly long time. Originally developed by dermatologists for patients who had undergone laser surgery, the idea is that, rather than just moisturizing your skin or providing coverage like a tinted moisturizer or foundation, they go one step further and deliver genuine benefits for the skin (many contain hyaluronic acid or antioxidants that actually regenerate the skin).
Others that I tried were either too cakey, not the right shade (some lines only come in one or two shades), or didn't blend well.

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