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Corns and calluses are thick, toughened layers of skin that build up when your skin tries to protect itself against friction and pressure.
Corns are hard cone-shaped bumps of skin surrounded by inflamed skin, and are smaller than calluses. Calluses are somewhat rounded flat thickenings of the skin that usually develop on the soles of the feet, especially under the heels or balls. Reduce the size of the callus or corn by soaking your foot in warm water and then using a pumice stone to lightly wear away the dead skin.

To prevent rubbing, use protective padding such as moleskin or orthotic shoe inserts to cushion the callus or corn or to hold the foot and toes in a more comfortable position. Custom-made padded shoe inserts (orthotics) to prevent recurring corns or calluses can be helpful if you have an underlying foot deformity. If you have diabetes or poor circulation, because even a relatively minor injury to your foot could lead to an infected open sore (foot ulcer) that's difficult to heal.
People who have diabetes and a decreased touch sensation are at higher risk of developing ulcers and an infection at the site of the callus or corn if left untreated.

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