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If you have a callus that hurts, you can try padding your shoe in the spot where the callus touches it with a callus pad or moleskin, which is available in most drugstores. Conservative Treatments: Include padding and custom-made orthotics (insoles) that will not only relieve the pressure on the painful callus but also redistribute the abnormal forces causing the callus. We strive to permanently resolve the cause of the callus rather than just trimming the callus which is only a temporary resolution. Common causes of corns and callus include footwear that is too small or tight, toe abnormalities such as clawed or hammer toes, bony prominence’s such as bunions and poor foot mechanics when walking or running.

In response to the pressure or friction, the skin begins to build up and form a callus or callosity. They are caused by abnormal pressure or friction on the foot, the body’s natural response to this change in pressure is to build up a hard layer of skin to protect the underlying tissues. Use of these types of remedies can be very risky in those with poor circulation or diabetes and is not recommended. Do not try to cut away corns and calluses yourself, they can be removed safely and painlessly by a podiatrist with immediate relief. Problems occur when the pressure continues as the skin keeps thickening to protect the area and  eventually becomes painful.

Ill-fitting footwear also plays a role in callus formation if friction and rubbing are excessive.

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