If you are searching for the best method to safely remove calluses, consider using an effective callus file for the job.
Many consumers prefer double-sided files which may feature a pumice stone or ceramic callus remover on one side and a metal grater or blade on the other side. One of the best options for long-term use is the electrical callus file system which can be found in specialty health and wellness stores.
Keeping a callus file on had is a great idea if you want to keep your feet looking their best.
I like the double sided callus files that come with a regular file on one side and a finer file on the other.
Callus files come in a variety of sizes and types, from natural hand-held files to more powerful electric files.
Hand-held callus files come in natural wood or colorful plastic handled forms ranging from just a few dollars to more expensive name brands.
By gently applying pressure, a callus file of this type can be very effective in removing large calluses in areas where they are continually building up, such as the soles or heels of the feet.

This versatile callus remover is easy on the budget and can be used to treat calluses all over the body instead of necessitating buying several files. This type of unit features a base with a rotating head mount which is powered by a cord or battery and interchangeable heads which come in different sizes, shapes and textures to treat a number of calluses on the body.
I have tried lots of lotions but they just don't seem to do the trick. I find all of my skin to be sensitive and I am the worst at enduring any kind of discomfort, so choosing between a pumice stone and a callus file is tough. For myself I have tried some cheaper callus files that I have picked up for a dollar at discount shops and they worked just fine.
I also like your idea about using pumice in the shower to prevent more serious calluses from building up.
I use the pumice almost every day when I'm in the shower, and this prevents most calluses from building up in the first place. However, when calluses do build up I like to use a hand held foot file to remove them. The surfaces of the callus rasp or pumice can range from light to very heavy, depending on your needs, so you may need to try a couple different varieties for assorted body uses.
This type of file should be used with caution only for removal of the worst calluses or under doctor care.

Placing the heads onto the unit and then placing them against the callused area grinds them down to reveal softer skin.
I think I will try this. I must admit, I'm a little scared to use an electric callus file as mentioned in the article. Choosing the best callus file for your needs can be made easier if you know more about the types of files available on the market. Also, the one I have has a blade that can be removed and refilled so you don't have to buy a whole new callus remover when it gets dull.

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