Amputation or removal of the second toe – this makes it easier for the big toe to drift towards the other toes. After surgery it is possible to walk on the foot immediately after some bunion procedures but not with others. Surgery is not recommended unless the bunion causes repeated pain or restricts daily activities.
Foot corns are generally dead skin cells gathering around the skin of the foot, either near the toes or appearing anywhere from calluses on feet. Calluses on the feet can make walking very painful and frustrating, because of the constant friction between the corn and the footwear. It's not a very serious issue when you have a foot corn; just read some removal techniques and treatment procedures for foot corns and you will be up on your two feet very soon.

When conservative treatment options don't help, a surgery might be recommended to treat this foot problem.
The highlight of this article is various methods of treatment that can be used for toe corn removal.
Their treatment can be done at home, but in serious cases you might have to undergo a minor surgery.
Here are some easy and simple remedies that will help you remove this painful botheration within a few days.

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