Callus is an accumulation of thickened and tough skin and helps protect your feet from excessive pressure and friction. You can help make callus more comfortable by wearing appropriate footwear both indoors and outdoors, regular use of a foot moisturizer and in some cases filing with a pumice or emery board. Thus, so called women “knowledge” in pedicure case raises serious doubts among professionals: a lot of women mistake while doing pedicure at home, due to some believes in myths about pedicure. A callus is a thick layer of the skin usually formed on the toes when the skin layer is subjected to repeated pressure. A callus is characterized by the thickened skin or roughening of the outer layer of the skin. The major reason for getting calluses in your toes or fingers is wearing ill fitting shoes. Some people whose job demands working with hand tools throughout the day like carpenter and gardener can get calluses on their palms and fingers since the area of the skin is under constant pressure. Your doctor would gradually trim the callus using a scalpel gently for reducing the discomfort or pain.

In case if the foot’s shape has been badly damaged due to callus, then surgery is done for correcting the bone alignment. Soaking the feet in lukewarm water for 10-20 minutes daily will provide good flexibility of the skin and reduce the thickening gradually. Common causes of corns and callus include footwear that is too small or tight, toe abnormalities such as clawed or hammer toes, bony prominence’s such as bunions and poor foot mechanics when walking or running. Callus can however become thick enough that you find it painful to walk on or have something touch it.
Avoid picking and cutting at your callus because at home because you can run the risk of making the callus worse or possibly getting an unnecessary infection.
Glass foot files will not only help to take care of your soles, but also will shape your toe nails.
Corns and calluses can be prevented by keeping the toes in good condition and by wearing proper well fitting shoes.
When the outer skin layer is subjected to repeated pressure it gets thick and develops into a callus.

Use of these types of remedies can be very risky in those with poor circulation or diabetes and is not recommended. Do not try to cut away corns and calluses yourself, they can be removed safely and painlessly by a podiatrist with immediate relief.
With your feet constantly changing, something that never bothered you can become problematic over time.
Over-the-counter medicated callus removers should be used cautiously and are not appropriate for everyone. Our Chiropodist can safely help you remove painful callus using sterilized instruments, apply padding, evaluate your footwear and suggest appropriate alternatives and assess the effectiveness of footwear modifications or orthotic therapy to reduce your pain and minimize your callus.
In case you are diabetic, then having a callus may increase the complication and hence you need to take treatment. Callus is seen generally on the soles of the feet under the heels and sometimes on your palms or fingers.

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