Some people get calluses on their fingers and hands from playing musical instruments or from clutching too hard when exercising. A measure that could prevent a foot callus is purchasing footwear that fits comfortably and supports the feet well.
Corns & Calluses – are painful areas of hard thickened skin appearing between or on the toes and on the soles of the feet.
Ingrowing Toenails – the leading cause of hangnail or ingrown toenails is clumsy nail trimming.
Minor Infections – such as Paronychia which is a skin infection occurring around the nail, caused by picking a hangnail or by trimming or pushing back the cuticle.
We also produce comforting custom-made FootBalanceTM Medical insoles and toe devices to help treat painful corns and calluses.

It is usually easier to remove the callus build-up if it is soaked in warm water for a few minutes.
Foot calluses can be caused by wearing high-heeled or tight shoes, obesity, a faulty gait, or having an odd shaped foot or toe. Usually, one needs to be careful when applying the product on the skin as salicylic acid can cause irritation.
The enlargement and its bulge cause friction and pressure as it rubs against footwear.
It’s a common condition which can be painful, cause swelling, redness and can become infected. Taking measures to prevent pressure or irritation generally enables the callused area to recover.

People with an abnormality such as a bunion, which is a bulge at the bottom of the big toe, might develop calluses.
The skin on the bunion, in between toes and bottom of the foot may develop corns and callus. A pumice stone or a topical salicylic acid product typically can help clear the callus, or a doctor could excise the toughened skin.

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