Avoid over-the-counter medicated corn and callus pads since the acid in these pads can irritate healthy skin around the affected area.  A u-shaped, unmedicated pad is fine for corns since it avoids putting direct pressure on the area. Scholl Corn Between Toes Removal Pads are especially developed for use on corns between the toes.The supe soft pads are specially shaped for corns between toes and provide cushioning and protection. For this reason, a person with diabetes is strongly advised to avoid reducing calluses and removing corns on their own.

Plantar corns are more sensitive to direct pressure of the lesion, while a plantar wart is more sensitive on lateral compression of the lesion.7Sharp debridement and a palliative course of treatment for both warts and calluses can define the underlying etiology of the lesion as being either mechanical or viral.
Over-the-counter products that contain salicylic acid should be avoided because they may damage surrounding normal tissues, especially in neuropathic and immunocompromised patients.4PADDINGTherapeutic padding can alleviate the patient's symptoms by reducing the amount of mechanical irritation to the site of the corn or callus.
A crest pad is an easily fabricated, two-inch cotton roll (dental roll) that is placed under the interphalangeal joints of the lesser toes, on the plantar aspect.

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