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Finding the proper footwear rewards of custom orthotics at an inexpensive engineered to assist relieve heel pain. Shoes or boots is comfy you do not want.


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Sonoma Sport Permeating Heat Sports Rub Pain Relieving & Soaking Solution helps relieve minor aches and pains, and can be used as a message therapy for the relief of sport related strains and sprains. The purpose of foot orthotics with a diagnosis of plantar fasciitis is to decrease the strain on the plantar fascia. Foot orthotics that raise the apex of the medial arch and prevent dorsiflexion (loading) of the first ray are the most effective in reducing plantar fascia strain.

At WalkWell, biomechanical analysis is our specialty.  We can fabricate custom foot orthotics as well as provide comprehensive and evidence based physical therapy. I wholeheartedly recommend Chris Dukarski and his team!"Marty Sullivan“When I first came into Walkwell I couldn’t run 2 miles without having to stop, go home, ice and take ibuprofen.  The pain from running even a couple of miles would cause me to be unable to walk up and down stairs for up to a day.

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