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Finding the proper footwear rewards of custom orthotics at an inexpensive engineered to assist relieve heel pain. Shoes or boots is comfy you do not want.


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Frostbite that affects the toes can result in a chronic sensation of burning feet and toes.
Ischemic neuropathy means that the nerve fibers are damaged from lack of blood supply and nutrients. Obviously, the source for the burning sensation will always be the small nerve fibers in the skin.

For best results, a specialized clinic should be consulted as these conditions are hard to diagnose and difficult to manage without appropriate expertise. Early diagnosis of diabetes and careful diabetes control may help prevent diabetic neuropathy. Damaged nerves constantly signal the brain and this is felt as burning or pins and needles.

The feeling is mainly in the feet and toes because this is where the longest and most vulnerable nerve fibers are.

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