Bunions are often genetic but also may be caused or aggravated by the wearing of footwear that is too tight and by heels that are too high for normal walking. Bunion pads, bunion shields and bunion sleeves normally incorporate a soft gel protector and treat by reducing pressure and relieving pain. Prolyne Technogel pressure protection pads are unique and versatile self adhesive polyurethane pads that adhere to the skin and conform to the shape of the bunion protecting against pressure and friction and relieving pain. Conventional padding materials like pedifleece fleecy web, chiropody felt and tubular foam can be cut to size and used to protect the bunion. Bunion protector in elasticated stockinette, gel lined pad and shield to protect bunion joints. Bunion pad protector, bunion sleeve with integral gel pad secured to by elasticated sleeve. A plastic night splint that gently helps to realign the first toe helping to relieve pain and pressure from bunion joints. Pedigel Dual Ball of Foot and Bunion Protector Sleeve for the relief of ball of foot pain and bunion protection.

After a very successful soft launch to a few thousand users, Bunion Booties are now available for purchase to bunion sufferers in the U.S.
According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS), 7 out of 10 women have developed a bunion or other painful deformity, and the number of foot and toe complaints surged up 75% between 2005 and 2009, indicating that the number of people seeking treatment for foot pain, including bunions, is on the rise. Other methods, such as bunion splints, bunion pads or bunion spacers are either ineffective or too painful to endure for any length of time.
Bunion Booties are especially appreciated by athletes, shift workers, office professionals, expectant mothers and post-surgery patients who want to make sure that they do not have to go under the knife more than once for their bunion pain. Bunion Bootie has just launched an updated website with improved navigation, and special Holiday discounts up to 25% are available for multiple purchases, along with a free zippered pouch for storing Bunion Booties if the order is placed before December 20, 2011. A bunion, hallux valgus, is a lump or protrusion on the side or top of the joint of the large toe and can be inflamed, swollen and painful around the joint with pain sometimes extending down the inside of the foot. Distortion of the large toe joint causing the bunion may also displace the line of the second toe causing it to claw and form a hammer toe.
Shoes with laces or buckles are more supportive and help to prevent the bunion from worsening.

Bunion surgery can have many undesirable side effects, such as transfer of pain to another part of the foot, and bunion surgery often has to be repeated. Of those surveyed, 48% wore their Bunion Booties barefoot, 52% in their athletic shoes, 43% in their work shoes, and 45% to bed. I was so impressed with how they worked I gave them to my mother to try; as her condition with bunions is quite acute. The bunion booties separated her toes relieving her of the pain and discomfort that she deals with on a daily basis.

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