Bunions are progressive bone deformities of the foot that often cause recurring or chronic inflammation, irritation, and pain that require surgical correction. Most bunion surgeries today are performed on an outpatient basis at a surgical center or hospital. If sutures are removed a prescription scar cream or scar cream recommendation will be given (to improve the scar appearance and reduce painful or raised scars). It is a bony bump which is abnormal and develops on the top of the joint at the big toe base. These bunions can develop for numerous reasons, but walking in shoes that are too tight is a common reason. Normally, the treatment will involve very conservative steps which can include padding the bunion, changing shoes as well as wearing inserts in the shoe.

The pain of a bunion may vary from very mild to quite severe, frequently causing it to be hard to wear your normal shoes. The other toes also can be involved by any bunion because of the pressure from the large toe pushing in toward them.
In a head procedure bunionectomy, the bone is cut just behind the joint, moved into its proper position, and fixed in place with a screw or pin.
Because a deep understanding of the biomechanics of each patient's foot as well as the intricacies of each surgical option is needed, surgeons with more experience at doing bunionectomies are better able to help each patient achieve the best outcome.
No physician can guarantee that a bunion won't recur or that a patient will be absolutely pain free.
However, there are multiple types of bunionectomies, each designed to resolve different structural changes caused by the deformity.

Additionally, because of the complexity of the foot structures impacted by a bunion, patients may never be able to wear normal or slender shoes. Bunion surgery can reduce or eliminate the bone deformity, improve foot alignment and function, and prevent damage to other toes, but it does have its limitations.

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