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Black or darkened toenails are essentially bruised nails and can result from a bleeding beneath the nail plate. Treatment may include trimming the nail, removal of the nail to release the pressure beneath the nail. Although most of the time having a bruised toenail is a small thing but it can be very painful and tender as the fluid and blood builds up in your toenail. You may experience pain in the area that is affected that can run from a dull ache to severe and acute. The best way to treat a bruised toenail is to find ways to prevent this from happening in the first place.
When there is little to no pain the best treatment is to not engage in any activities that could cause risk of further injury. If it is possible cut the toenail as short as you can without hurting yourself and then soak it in warm salt water to help ease the pain. Wear toe pads or some type of cushioning pads in your shoes to help protect your bruised toenail and to help prevent it from happening again.
When running make sure that you are wearing a shoe that is one size larger than your regular shoes to give your toes a little more wiggle room to let it heal and prevent further bruised toenails. Apply turmeric paste to the bruised toenail and it has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to help prevent infections and reduce swelling.
You can also soak your toe in warm soapy water one or two times each day to help relieve the tenderness, especially if the toenail has come off. For the first few days you should elevate the toe to reduce the swelling under the nail and to help numb the pain. The exact amount of time that it will take a bruised toenail to heal will depend on how it became bruised and how severe the bruising is. If the bruised toenail does not fall off right away the bruising will heal on its own but you have to give enough it enough time to heal.

A bruised toenail usually has a dark blue or black coloration on the toenail and can be quite painful.
You can take some OTC drugs(over the counter)such as Ibuprofen or acetaminophen to get relief from the pain and swelling. To treat bruised toenails, the first thing to do is cut the toenails short and cover it with fullers earth. Soaking your feet in warm water with Epsom salt added may reduce inflammation and ease the pain.
If the nail bed under the nail is damaged repair may be needed.Diabetic patients should contact our office for evaluation if they experience any change in the color of toenails The pressure causing the bruised nail may lead to a small sore under the toenail, which can lead to infection. There are many kinds of cushioning pads that are available in the market to help the toe nails from getting bruised. When the nail begins to dig into the skin on either side of the nail swelling, pain and tenderness will likely develop. This will remove the pressure from the tender skin and allow it to heel.Doing this procedure at home can be painful and dangerous. Actually it is not the toenail that gets bruised because a toenail is composed of dead tissues. Ballet dancers are prone to bruised toenails because of the pointed foot stance they have to use while dancing. If the toenail is falling off or is severely blackened you should see your physician immediately so they can access the injury properly. The small blood vessels get bruised when the toenail gets pulled back due to the small size of the shoes which put pressure on the nail. Soaking the toes in warm salt water is one way to ease the pain and following it up with a topical antibiotic ointment can prevent any infection from occurring. Massaging the toenail with a little bit of Mustard oil also helps as mustard has the healing properties of absorbing excess inflammation due to its heat giving properties.

Mostly dancers, specially ballet dancers who spend a lot of time on their feet and wear narrow or pointe shoes can end up getting a bruised toenail if proper care is not taken. The blood accumulates under the nail causing the swelling which results in pain and discoloration.
The physician may even be able to cut the loose toenail off to prevent it from accidentally being torn off. Taking simple precautions such as adding a little bit of padding and making sure to cut nails regularly and keeping then short can go a long way in preventing bruised toenails.
One can get bruised toenails while playing soccer because of the continuous kicking of the ball. A podiatrist can also drain the blood from your nail bed manually by making a tiny hole in the center of the bruised toenail and lightly squeeze the toe to get the fluid to drain out until the nail bed returns back to a normal color. Although it may take several months you will grow another toenail to replace the one that fell off. If the toenail has completely turned black, this will outgrow and a new toenail with a less intense You do not have access to view this node will be visible in about 3-6 months.
If the bruised toenail has turned black and there is fluid underneath the toenail, it can cause severe pain due to the pressure buildup by the fluid. Ballet dancers are also at a higher risk of developing bruised toenails because of the pointed feet stance in which they dance causing the toenails to get bruised.

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