Supportive boot insoles developed by Kenetrek to offer hunters and hikers as close to a customized insole as you can get.
Kenetrek’s new supportive insoles feature critical arch and heel support along with the mold-ability that your feet demand for the high end boots you must wear to successfully complete your adventures out on the mountain. Over the years I’ve destroyed countless boots backpacking, scouting, guiding and hunting out on the mountain in some of the meanest terrain that you could ever wish to test your stamina or “mettle” against. After hiking countless miles I’ve found that these four-piece, three-layer insoles with durable, anti-microbial pads, feel just as comfortable as a customic orthotic insole.
To adequately protect my feet and find relief I’ve spent a small fortune on more than one custom orthotic device and various insoles and hiking boots.

Kenetrek’s performance insoles wick away moisture from your feet and don’t smell or admit those nasty foot odors like some insoles do. Remove the existing insoles from whatever brand of high quality boot you have spent your hard earned money on for your mountain pursuits and you will notice a difference. After spending a tough day hiking on the mountain it is nice to take your boots off and camp and not have your feet “stink up the surrounding area.” Kenetrek’s insoles are designed on a 4mm high density moldable foam, that quickly takes on your unique foot shape.
The only suggestion I would make to Jim Winjium at Kenetrek is to guarantee that I won’t wear his insoles out! In almost every single boot review I’ve completed I’ve told the boot companies that what they could do better is “incorporate higher quality insoles into their boot designs.” I believe that Jim Winjium, of Kenetrek, must have been listening to my conversations with him as Kenetrek recently came out with their new Supportive Performance Insoles.

Believe me, after field testing Kenetrek’s insoles in boots from both Zamberlan and Kentrek over the past two months, I’m a firm believer in their quality.
Generally, through trial and error, I’ve found that to find the right insoles for my feet I’ve had to sacrifice either the arch and heel cup support, mold-ability, or the extra cushioning I demand.

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