Infections can cause toe blisters, and if a blister breaks it can cause an infection if it's cleaned properly. Toe blisters, like blisters on other areas of the foot, are most commonly caused by friction from ill-fitting shoes or moisture within the socks and shoes. My best friend went to the beach on vacation one summer, and she got blisters all over her feet from walking on the hot sand. Stepping on a hot surface with the bare foot can cause blisters immediately, from a severe burn. Such blisters occur when a blood vessel bursts, allowing blood to leak in between layers of skin. In most cases, wrapping the blister to keep it from bursting is the best course of action; blister fluid helps regenerate skin and also helps the wound heal.

If the blister gets infected, that fluid may be pus; in other cases, the fluid might be blood or simply a clear liquid called blister fluid. These types of toe blisters are often known as blood blisters, and while they are more often caused by direct impact, they may also occur as a result of friction on the skin.
While friction is the most common cause of toe blisters, infections or extremely high or low temperatures can also cause blisters on different areas of the foot and body. Extremely low temperatures can also cause blisters, and they are an indicator that frostbite has occurred. Moleskin is often cut and placed around the blister to prevent friction from affecting the blister any more. Apply it generously between your toes and all over your feet to prevent blisters from sweat and heat. I think blood blisters are the worst.

Swimming in cold water consistently or for long periods of time can lead to frostbite on highly susceptible toes; frostbite is most likely to occur on parts of the body furthest away from the heart.
The moleskin fabric is soft and durable, and it will absorb the blister fluid should the blister break during movement. So when I switch to open shoes and sandals at the end of spring, I always develop blisters on my feet and toes.I had no idea that I'm not supposed to touch them and that blister fluid is actually good for my skin. If the blister breaks, it is a good idea to clean the wound with antiseptic to prevent infection.

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