First: Getting a boot that fits your foot is a key factor in keeping blisters off the heels. As an extra precaution I am now also packing some Molefoam padding that I can cut to place on or around hot spots on my feet.
Blisters-topic overview - webmd, Blisters are fluid - filled bumps that look like bubbles on the skin. Scrotum blood blisters testicular disorders & male, For the appr past 2 years, i’ve had small blood blisters on my scrotum. Blisters penis - dermatology - medhelp, Hi, i recently developed blisters on the base of my penis.

Blister - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, A blister small pocket fluid upper layers skin, typically caused forceful rubbing , burning, freezing, chemical exposure infection.. I have a narrow foot and if there is too much movement in my boot, blisters are going to happen. And I carry some white athletic tape that I can use to tape-up and protect problem areas on my feet if any should arise.
With the thin liner socks snug against my feet I then wear a pair of wool or wool blend socks on top of the liner socks. And when trying them on I walked up some stairs to see if my heels slipped against the back of the boots.

After so long that friction is going to turn into blisters that can ruin a hunt real quick.

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