Blister Prevention Pain Relief Kit was carefully designed to provide you with multiple solutions that are practical and proven to help prevent blistering. The components of the Blister Prevention Kit-Standard are available individually as well. This Blister Prevention Kit-Supreme kit was carefully designed to provide you with multiple solutions  that are practical and proven to help prevent blistering. Everyone from competitive athletes to casual gym-goers often wonder how to prevent blisters, odors and chafing that are associated with their activities.

BlisterShield creates an almost frictionless surface on the foot, reducing heat build-up and blister formation.
HOW TO PREVENT BLISTERS ON FEET MAKE SURE YOUR SHOES FIT One of the best ways to prevent blisters on your feet is to make sure you are wearing a shoe that fits well. HOW TO PREVENT BLISTERS ON HANDS Foot blisters get all the attention, but there are actually a lot of sports out there that have athletes wondering how to prevent blisters on their hands.
The constant friction between body and athletic gear can create blisters, chafing and smelly feet that call out for a remedy.

Rowing, tennis, cycling, baseball, CrossFit, gymnastics, golf…these are just a few of the sports that can cause blisters on your hands!
Luckily you’ve discovered 2Toms, the creators of revolutionary products designed to prevent skin injuries and discomforts associated with athletics.

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