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For a few days, I wore my Teva sandals because it was too painful for my heel blisters to rub against my Vasque hiking boots.
Through my blisters, I became part of a community of fellow sufferers, both first-time and repeat pilgrims, swapping jokes and stories and comparing remedies. After walking almost 200 kilometres, I paid a Spanish volunteer at an albergue in Santa Domingo, a self-described blister expert, to drain my blisters using a needle and iodine and wrap them in gauze and medical tape.
When he peeled off the dressings on my left heel, the inch-wide blister was a disturbing caramel brown.

By week three of the Camino, I joked to pilgrims that my fantasy was to arrive at Santiago Cathedral free of blisters, like a leper miraculously cured. These are just a few I heard while walking with sore blisters for the first three weeks of my pilgrimage in France and Spain. My blisters became my teachers, inviting me to feel every step and bring more mindfulness to the stony paths, curbs, and uneven surfaces that I encountered.
Favourite solutions were to use duct tape or Compeed, a brand of blister treatments found in European pharmacies.

But on the first four days of The Way, in almost solid downpour and mud, my feet had gotten wet, which I learned is the worst breeding ground for blisters. Moleskin was a great preventative measure, as long as you covered every potential blister spot, which was tough to do.

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