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For Apara, Arch Angels, Birkenstock, New Balance, Oofos, Pedag, Powerstep, Prothotics, Sof Sole, Sole, Spenco Insoles, Superfeet, UGG, and more. The Birkenstock Blue Footbeds Casual Arch Support Insoles for Birkenstock's ledgendary foot comfort and support for foot pain relief. The Birkenstock Blue Footbeds Casual Arch Supports provide a deep heel cup for natural cushioning and shock absorption, natural contoured arch support for longitudinal medial arch support, and a metatarsal support with a gentle raised platform for raising toes into the natural position.

The Birkenstock Blue Footbeds are ideal for a low to neutral foot arch and are also available in a Birkenstock Blue Wide Footbed and a Narrow Footbed Style. The Birkenstock Blue Footbeds are constructed of Birkenstock's patentedly unique blend of natural cork lined "BirkoCork", moleskin bottom, and a hypo-allergenic 100% blue silk lined top-coat.

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