The Velocis was designed to provide the main things roadies generally desire in a shoe- light weight, a stiff sole and good ventilation. The upper part of the shoe is designed to be very breathable, with a mesh backed synthetic leather.
Good looking shoes, but I will wait until Rapha releases shoes specific for climbs in the Pyrenees. A misalignment of the foot in the cycling shoe could be robbing the cyclist of precious power in the pedal stroke. Improving mechanical advantage through an efficient pedal stroke and improving leg alignment are just a few of the benefits of wearing custom orthotics in the cycling shoe. To see how this works, we first need to look at the structure of the cycling shoe and the pedal stroke.
There are other causes of an improper pedal stroke that can rob the cyclist of power, such as improper cleat alignment, improper crank length, and poor bike positioning (when the saddle is too high or too low). Building upon the growing success of their cycling shoe line, Bontrager has just announced a new model of Men’s road riding shoe called the Velocis. The Velocis shoe uses Bontrager’s InForm Pro Last fit technology to provide an ergonomic, high-performance fit.

The last pair lasted 8 years, but they finally gave up the ghost and I decided I needed some new shoes. For $400, and available online only, they are taking pre-orders now for the lightweight shoes that have lots of ventilation.
Most of us are always looking for a little more speed and certainly more power, so we can get a lighter bike frame and a proper bike fit.
Before we get into the role of custom orthotics in cycling, we should differentiate between a custom orthotic versus a simple off-the-shelf shoe insert. Similar to the construction of the orthotic, the outer sole of the cycling shoe is made of rigid carbon fiber. There are specific and well-documented angles which are ideal in a bike fit and are very individualized for each rider.
This is best done with the help of someone who can fit you properly on the bike and with your sport podiatrist or orthopedist who can identify misalignment issues.
With a wide selection of road shoes ranging from $80-400, the Velocis fits roughly in the middle of Bontrager’s lineup as a price-competitive model with some nice features. The shoe features Lightning Mesh panels on both sides around your arches, a ventilated tongue and top vents in the toe box to keep the air flowing and your feet from getting swampy.

Rapha says shipment is in November, and you can pre-order the shoes in white, pink or team blue direct on their website right now. The only special requirement I can see is aero, which is usually handled with shoe covers for TTs or occasional critical sprints.
Like all of Bontrager’s shoes (and other brands as well), The Velocis can be upgraded with their inForm heat-moldable footbeds to achieve a comfortable custom fit. This sole keeps weight and height down, has a replaceable heel plate, and will accept Giro SuperNatural Fit footbeds.
The clips and the position on the outer sole of the shoe are also important in power transfer from the leg during the pedal stroke.

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