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Trigger points from these muscles refer pain to the arch of the foot and bottom of the toes. These muscles become overloaded and develop trigger points from overuse of toe contractions.
The red region indicates the likely pain pattern location you will experience from these muscles.
At the top these muscles are attached to the tibia and fibula and reach all the way under the foot to attach to the toes.

Specifically the hallucis muscle refers pain and numbness under the big toe and the digitorum refers pain to the ball of the foot or the metatarsal heads.
These muscles work in conjunction with the smaller muscles in the foot for balance and also offer extra power to help propel the body during running and walking. Flip-flops or sandals can overwork these muscles as your toes grasp the shoe with each step. Over running and walking in general are major causes of trigger points in all of the lower leg muscles.

Comfortable shoes and insoles as well as a well-planned exercise program are great strategies to prevent pain caused by these muscles.

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