If you have fresh corns, it is enough ten minute of foot-bath with warm soap and soda (2 liters of water 3-4 tsp baking soda) in the evenings. If you feel that your feet are buzzing with fatigue, you can take contrast baths for foot, alternately pour hot and cold water, and soak for 15-20 minutes with raised legs.
After all, the skin of foot withstands overload of gravity of the body, is suffering from fatigue and tight shoes.

They can be provoked by the common vitamin deficiency and lack of regular skin care on the foot. If it happened, after a warm foot bath, put under the nail small pieces of gauze soaked in vaseline.
Uncomfortable, poor quality shoes can lead not only to strain muscles and bones of the foot, but also to excessive sweating, injuries and diseases of the skin.

After that, rub feet with a towel and spend 5 minute for foot massage using the massage mat.

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