Excessive sweating can lead to stinky feet, which can be a potentially embarrassing situation for many people.
Socks are another important consideration for people who are looking for cures for smelly feet. Washing one's feet can help eliminate sweat and bacteria that can cause excessive foot odor. Individuals with more severe cases of stinky feet may need to wash their feet a few times per day.

When washing the feet, a person should pay particular attention to the space between the toes.
Some people may find socks made from natural fibers, like wool or cotton, are best for keeping smelly feet at bay.
Because of this, individuals with severe foot odor should avoid these foods in excessive amounts.
Instead, individuals in search of cures for smelly feet should let their shoes air out for at least a day.

If powders don't work, some individuals may be able to rub certain antiperspirants on their feet to stop excessive sweating.

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