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Because most golf shoes are manufactured more like a dress shoe without any extra depth added, orthotics for golf shoes must be thin and narrow yet provide maximum support and control.
I bought a pair of these as well as a pair of Superfeet blue insoles to compare in a pair of dress shoes. I have Chronic Mayofacial Pain in my legs and have seen great improvement in the amount of pain in my legs since using these inserts. The CAST design incorporates three critical factors that an orthotic must have in order to be effective.
Second, the orthotic must make full contact with your entire foot in this position in order to have the mechanical power and efficiency to control your foot. Third, the orthotic must be rigid enough to maintain this corrected position against your weight and gravity, and yet flexible enough to be comfortable upon impact with a typical concrete floor.
This only helps us determine what length to make the topcover so that it best fits in your shoes.

That is how you can appreciate the difference between Custom Arch Support Technology (CAST) orthotics and other types of orthotics. First, orthotics must capture the properly corrected position of your foot: as high an arch as your foot can make with heel and forefoot flat on the ground. New materials were discovered that could offer the right blend of rigidity and flexibility for every individual foot, and calibrated to deliver the proper force for your feet. As most golfers know, graphite is very thin and very light so although there is no extra weight added to your golf shoes with the addition of this custom orthotic, the graphite material used in the “shell” of the orthotic provides maximum support and control of the foot.
We make CUSTOM foot orthotics from an impression of your feet so we will ascertain the size of your feet from our mold.
With an intrinsic rear foot post, you will have rear foot stabilization and your golf shoes can easily accommodate a custom orthotic. Once you receive your custom orthotics (2-3 weeks after we receive your impression box back at our facility), pleasefollow the Wearing Instructions that will accompany your new custom orthotics.

Custom foot orthotics help put you in your neutral position thus helping to eliminate the pain and discomfort you are experiencing. If you are experiencing pain in your feet, legs, knees and or lower back during or after a round of golf, you are probably placing stress on certain muscles and ligaments to compensate for the pain you are experiencing.
Again, foot orthotics will help equalize the weight load, put your body into neutral position and rest the muscles on which you are placing extra stress.
A study found that “the use of the custom-fit, flexible orthotics in this study had a positive influence on CHV (club head velocity) in experienced golfers.” Other studies have demonstrated that orthotics can have positive impact on shot accuracy, golf swing and balance. While we can’t promise you will shoot a 67, we can promise that wearing custom foot orthotics will make your feet feel better and improve your golf game overall – including your swing.

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