For the sufferers of lower back pain, the kind of shoes they should wear needs to be thought about carefully. No matter how great one’s love for fashionable footwear, uncomfortable shoes do serious damage to the body.
There are certain considerations to people who are looking to buy the best shoes for back pain relief. Find more information about the causes of back pain by reading our free book – The 7 Day Back Pain Cure by The Healthy Back Instutute. Although there is not any brand of shoes to name that support back pain sufferers that is proven by scientists, it is common sense for shoes to be appropriate for walking.  This is because most of us will use shoes for walking, so we should wear shoes that fit well, and they should be comfortable even if they are not the most fashionable ones to wear. However, the best shoes for back pain relief are always recommended by doctors and medical practitioners.

Dropping an inch off your most frequented heel height is a great way to improve the state of the feet, knees, and back. However, when you are thinking about reducing your back pain, you will need to find the main cause of the pain.
It discusses the proper mechanics as well as important shoe characteristics needed for lower back pain relief.
Even athletic shoes and comfort shoes aren’t good for the body if they are heeled or stiff, so there’s now an opportunity for companies to compete in the healthy footwear category, she adds. The less space for toes, the greater chances of developing bunions and neuromas—and the more pressure is placed on toes when you’re upright. Find a style with straps that keep the shoe attached to your body so your toes do not have to work.

If it seems to you that the shoes that you wear are making your feet unhappy, then this could easily be cause enough for various kinds of pain such as headache, reduction of mobility, etc.
However, if we still carry on with the same shoes that are causing the pain, then it can easily result in knee and back pain. As if damage to the foot, knee, and spine weren’t bad enough, research by David Agus, professor of medicine and engineering at the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine, shows that inflammation caused by wearing uncomfortable, ill-fitting shoes every day for decades may even distract the body from general DNA repair and cancer prevention.
So, following the above mentioned tips while shopping for shoes, will definitely keep you away from any kind of back pain.

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