All TASCO Cap-Mount style earmuffs feature the exclusive TENSION ADJUSTMENT that allows the user to increase or decrease the band force of the earmuff.
With the same features as our high end Golden Eagle, the Sound Star is lighter and has a lower profile. The Golden Eagle combines an ultra-soft head pad, Soft-Seal™ ear cushions, very low headband force and two point suspension stainless steel headbands to produce a comfort level that you would not believe possible in a muff this effective.
Its ultra light and low profile design give the Sound Star an edge over conventional earmuffs.

Tapered ear cups and neckband design makes the Slimline the perfect product for use with most welding helmets, hard hats and bump caps. Fits all major slotted hard hats and features our exclusive TENSION ADJUSTMENT that allows you to increase or decrease the band force providing improved sealing properties regardless of the hard hat size. With an extra low profile and Soft-Seal™ cushions, it's easy to see why everyone is wearing them. The Silhouette folds into an ultra compact shape and is so comfortable, you'll forget it's on.

The Golden Eagle uses our Soft-Seal™ ear cushions for superior comfort and performance. Simply an amazing product for an amazing price and its the only 29 NRR three position earmuff made in the USA.

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