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Orthotics are shoe inserts that are intended to correct an abnormal, or irregular, walking pattern. Doctors of podiatric medicine prescribe orthotics as a conservative approach to many foot problems or as a method of control after certain types of foot surgery; their use is a highly successful, practical treatment form. Foot orthotics fall into three broad categories: those that primarily attempt to change foot function, those that are primarily protective in nature, and those that combine functional control and protection. The so-called rigid orthotic device, designed to control function, may be made of a firm material such as plastic or carbon fiber and is used primarily for walking or dress shoes.
Rigid orthotics are chiefly designed to control motion in two major foot joints, which lie directly below the ankle joint.
The second, or soft, orthotic device helps to absorb shock, increase balance, and take pressure off uncomfortable or sore spots.
The advantage of any soft orthotic device is that it may be easily adjusted to changing weight-bearing forces. The third type of orthotic device (semirigid) provides for dynamic balance of the foot while walking or participating in sports.
The length of time a child needs orthotics varies considerably, depending on the seriousness of the deformity and how soon correction is addressed.

Various other orthotics may be used for multidirectional sports or edge-control sports by casting the foot within the ski boot, ice skate boot, or inline skate boot.
Best running shoe insoles like these Superfeet Unisex Green Performance Insoles help to increase shock absorption on the ankles and knees, but also increases foot support and balance. Orthotics are not truly or solely “arch supports,” although some people use those words to describe them, and they perhaps can best be understood with those words in mind. Most podiatric physicians recommend that children with such deformities be placed in orthotics soon after they start walking, to stabilize the foot. It’s important for your podiatric physician to evaluate the lower extremity as a whole to provide for appropriate orthotic control for foot problems. This is important for making certain that your feet and orthotics are functioning properly together.
These best running shoe insoles like the Superfeet unisex green performance insoles have a contoured design with rear and mid-foot control points to center the heel area and balance overall body weight.
They perform functions that make standing, walking, and running more comfortable and efficient by altering slightly the angles at which the foot strikes a walking or running surface.
Each sport has its own demands and each sport orthotic needs to be constructed appropriately with the sport and the athlete taken into consideration.

In such cases, orthotics may improve or eliminate these symptoms, which may seem only remotely connected to foot function. This functional dynamic orthotic helps guide the foot through proper functions, allowing the muscles and tendons to perform more efficiently. It uses a durable foam on top with a holo-fiber cover for increased shoes comfort and feet endurance. Because of the nature of the materials involved, very little alteration in shoe size is necessary. Because it is compressible, the soft orthotic is usually bulkier and may well require extra room in shoes or prescription footwear. The classic, semirigid orthotic is constructed of layers of soft material, reinforced with more rigid materials.

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