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Arch support insoles are special orthotic devices that are customised to control the way the foot functions and correct biomechanical imbalance. Our Orthotic Arch Support Insoles are specially designed shoe inserts for optimal pain relief and injury prevention.
Our orthotic insoles also support optimal biomechanics thus improving your posture helping to reduce lower back and knee pain as well as heel pain by reducing biomechanical wear and tear on the ligaments and joints thus orthotic insoles are excellent for prevention of niggling injuries and further problems down the line caused by poor posture. Some people do adapt to foot orthotics very quickly but most people need to gradually adjust to them and this is done by wearing them for a few hours each day and then increasing the amount of hours in increments. The orthotic will mould your foot to a new biomechanically optimal shape but it is important for you to go barefoot to aid the feet in strengthening the surrounding muscles and tendons so they learn to change to the correct shape by itself. Recommended for busy people who are on their feet all day, the soft cushioning material leaves your feet pain free at the end of the day.
Really didn’t fancy buying custom insoles costing 10X as much and going to all the hassle of a gait analysis especially after reading in a running magazine that custom orthotics really aren’t as beneficial as people like to believe. Suffered from sever pf in my feet, these orthotics really helped put the strain off my feet whilst they recover. I play a heck of a lot of football and now that I am getting older my feet are not what they used to be and strain quite a lot around the arches. Controlling the way the foot functions can be helpful in treating certain foot conditions and in relieving pain symptoms through correction of posture and supporting the underlying muscles and tendons.

Our insoles are more affordable than the custom made orthotics and are ideal for those patients with mild or even moderate pain in the foot.
They prevent and treat heel pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis and Calf muscle injuries by providing a fairly firm support cradle around the arch of the foot and increased shock protection through enhanced shock absorption.
Arch supports should feel comfortable and should be used whenever taking part in activities that usually worsen your condition.
If you suffer from pf it can be so annoying and can keep on coming back because your arches will be weakened so even if the inflammation and pain goes down and you start walking on your feet like normal again it doesn’t take a lot for you to overstretch or damage the arches again and get the dreaded plantar fasciitis once again… So wearing something like these really do help so much as you can get back on your feet and not worry about pf coming back because the insoles take all the strain off your arches whilst they strengthen up again and recover fully. Tried resting my feet for weeks but every time I started walking on the affected foot my arch would inflame again and I would be back where I started. Have had lots of problems with my feet in the past with shoes and inserts inside them not giving me the right protection from shock or not enough support to the arch which caused me to get all sorts of injuries.
Been looking for ways to help them from everything from stretches for my feet to specialized shoes which all didn’t seem to help.
I was really surprised with the quality of the soles they were better than the custom ones I bought before and did a lot more for my feet.
However you should note that all good physiotherapists and podiatrists will tell you that you need to keep on swapping the foot supports in your shoes and that what I do. These arch supports are good because they let you get back walking again by supporting your feet (but giving your feet just enough room to start to strengthen up themselves) and helps stop shock from reaching a damaging your arches even more.

Occasionally I will wear these ones for around a week and then I will switch to wearing another pair of orthotics from nuovahealth. I have had no tightness or pain in my arches any more as I run and they stop the sudden shocks and jolts to your feet and legs too which can otherwise cause tendinitis to develop. No more tightness in my arches, No more heel pain No more build up of pressure around my heel.
Bought some pairs from other online places before however they didn’t give my feet the right support or just wore out far to quickly. This is to stop my feet from becoming too dependent on one type of support and helps strengthen other areas of the foot. Be sure to save yourself some money and don’t fall for the whole you need custom insoles hype when you can get these which are brilliant!

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