Shoes and insoles that advertise "air" cushioning contain pressurized air bubbles encased in a supportive foam sole.
Gel insoles and shoes feature a liquid gel encapsulated in bubbles and embedded into a foam footbed.
When one falls prey to such pain, they begin to look for solutions: a little R&R, new shoes, or customized insoles.
Foam compresses over time, and the air bubbles are believed to extend the supportive life of your shoes or replaceable insoles. Like air, gel insoles were created to extend the life of foam as well as provide extra support and cushion.
Foam and shoes made from dense foam and a rigid hardened base (for heel cupping and arch support) and simple and very effective.

The best thing you can do to make your choice of exercise more comfortable is to diagnose and address. Customized insoles are specially made to fit your unique foot shape, but they can cost a pretty penny.
Sof Sole's Airr Series of supportive insoles (men's and women's) feature air capsule technology for maximum cushioning.
New athletic shoes and new insoles can offer ample arch support and are an effective solution when you know that for problem is, for example, low or high arches. New shoes and insoles designed specifically to for high impact sports such as running, typically feature one of three cushioning devices: air, gel, or foam.
Every sweet story has its downside, and foam is no exception: this rudimentary material compresses and loses support after a few short months.

For example, I get shin splints easily because my arches are a little high and I run slightly pigeon-toed, with my ankles rolling outward. If you have pain and sensitivity in the feet and are looking for insoles that will last longer than a couple quick months, gel insoles might be worth investing in.
If I don't use insoles with arch support or customized insoles, my shin splints will return after only a couple weeks of running regularly. One of our favorites and best sellers is the PolySorb PERFORM Insoles: offering excellent foam cushion support and a rigid base that will support the arch of the foot.

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