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Under its new Body Geometry label Specialized has responded to the growing demand for custom fit technology on many components including saddles, gloves, grips and now shoes.  The line is publicized as being developed by Dr.
Their road shoe and triathlon line starts at $90 but eclipses $300 for the high performance racer dubbed the S-Works. With this kind of investment in a shoe it is nice to know that the braided steel lace at the heart of the Boa enclosure system is replaceable for $15 or the lace alone for $12.
While the Powerzone lacing tightens the top and mid areas of the shoe one Velcro strap tightens the toe.
There is also a raised button in the forefoot that spreads metatarsal bones apart to prevent blood vessels from being compressed during the ride. Unlike Bontrager’s shoe that customizes the insole with a custom eSole footbed, the Specialized Body Geometry technology allows a rider to customize their insole by mixing a combination of optional footbeds and toe shims.

For a top-of-the-line shoe the S-Works is available in multiple color choices: black with silver mesh and gold trim, white with black, white with blue and a racy Team Limited Red. The 3-bolt pattern for cleats will be compatible with most recent pedals including Shimano SPD-SL, Look and Speedplay.
Along with the Boa lace being replacable, the S-Works Heel Lugs can be replaced much like the heel pads on Sidi Ergo 2’s reflecting an increasing demand for rebuild capability.
For now in the Women’s Body Geometry line, there is not a S-Works level model with Powerzone and Boa closure.  But who knows, one might be released later. And the exterior which is made of silver thread material creates antimicrobial (antimicrobial insoles) and deodorizing effect. Specialized calls it a “set and forget” Velcro that alludes to the freedom of taking your shoe off and slipping it on while leaving the strap closed.

The unique support of this shoe is intended to reduce soreness and discomfort from hot spots. With the right insole matched to your foot Specialized hopes to keep your arch from collapsing while pedaling like it does naturally when you walk. With this mechanism you would only have to reach near the top of your shoe to adjust the fit, which would make on-the-bike adjustments a breeze as well as safer.

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