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Many people in an effort to do what is healthy spend a lot of money on high-tech shoes which offer everything from fitness, healthy feet, pain-relief, etc. Your body is perfectly designed to move naturally without any high-tech mumbo jumbo trying to change your natural movement. Modern shoes have a piece of metal or thick stiff plastic inserted from the heel to the ball of the foot making them stiff.
But put a pair of shoes with a thick sole and arch support and the brain can't feel the sensory information from the ground anymore.

Regardless of whether someone feels like they have less pain in a restrictive shoe ultimately they are causing more damage to their feet by wearing them, and while an orthopedic shoe or orthotic insert might be a temporary fix for pain it shouldn't become a permanent thing. The best way to get started with foot mobility is through the R-Phase DVD and manual from Z-Health. Sometimes this is a process and you may need a transition shoe with a moderate arch for the first couple of months but that also depends on the current state of health of your feet, how many hours per day you are on your feet and what type of surface you walk on.
If you don't like the way they look we do have some ability to rebuild the arches through specific targeted mobility and strength drills.

Adding an artificial arch support simply allows these structures to get weak, stiff and will lead to a number of body-wide dysfunctions.

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