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There is nothing worse than stinky feet, and unfortunately my poor sweet daughter has the stinkiest feet ever! After a few days of using the homemade foot powder on her, I took the test and smelled her feet after school (when they are always the stinkiest!) It was a MIRACLE! I designed a cute free printable label for our jar of foot powder and now I want to make some for all of my friends! To come up with a homemade foot powder, I did some research about which essential oils are best for feet.
To tone down the strong smell of the first two oils and provide a calm relaxing scent for a kid, I added Lavender Oil.

I rubbed this powder on my daughter’s feet before bed and then sprinkled in her shoes in the morning before school for 3 days in a row.
I have washed her feet like crazy, used various sprays and have never had this good of results.
Get everyday oils, a diffuser, samples and free gifts from me! Click here for more details. This recipe helps to reduce sweatiness, fight odor, and leaves feet smelling fresh all day! I immediately threw her shoes into the washing machine, then got out my essential oils kit and began mixing up a foot powder.

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