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Scholl Cracked Heel Repair Cream is clinically proven to repair and relieve rough, dry and cracked skin. It makes skin super soft, highly effective against dry skin, shows results overnight, heals cracked heels. It is a soothing foot cream that softens and repairs rough skin, cracked heel, relaxes tired feet and removes odour to leave them smooth and refreshed. Scholl foot cream mousse is a scientific breakthrough in foot skincare, giving you the intensive moisturisation you would expect from the thickest cream in a light, easy to apply mousse. Immediately softens and hydrates the skin, protects from drying and cracking, instantly gets absorbed.

I use TBS Peppermint Intensive Foot Rescue and it works great *haan ji* old posts on IMBB are fun to read, even i have had days where i digged through old posts and kept on reading one after the other .
Regular use helps healing of cracks and corns on feet, invigorates and revitalizes feet and skin. With arnica to help with bruising and swelling and cocoa butter and almond oil to help soften the skin and prevent cracks. Since too much heat at one go will not be good for the cream, you can melt it over 2-3 days time. Cool and deodorizes feetHeals cracked feet, smooths feet, spreads easily, non greasy, gets absorbed quickly.

Once you have done this, the cream is ready to use and you can see the difference in cracked heels in 10 days.

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