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I hope you will keep sending me your best tips as well of the best shoes that you may have found that were comfortable or offered you great support! I know that many women over 40 suffer from foot problems that require shoes with more arch support. A good support shoe is rigid enough to support the arch, yet offers just enough flexibility to allow the foot to naturally flex. Another way to provide more arch support is to work with insoles like these ones from Birkenstock.

Below you will find a list of recommended brands that offer comfortable shoes and shoes with arch support. On this page I offer a great selection of hip and comfortable shoes with arch support as well as a list of brands that are recommended by readers. I think it should be how to be classy for all ladies I have many diseases and ailments so I look for comfort and style and this post about arch support helped me out so much! Wearing shoes with arch support may actually be a good preemptive step, as it is estimated that over 80% of the population will end up with foot problems, which are largely due to poor footwear.
Experiment with insoles to see if they fit in your current shoes and if they provide enough support before changing all your shoes!

I have a high arch and find that the ones for metatarsal arch support allow me to wear them all day with nary a pain.

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