Part way though this project I changed the focus, opting to present the shoe as a Nike concept. Running shoes can be broken down into essentially three categories, Motion Control, Stability and Cushion. Stability shoes are also referred to as medium support in reference to the fact that the type of runner that needs this shoe requires some level of arch support. Selecting the proper running shoe is the most important part of becoming a long distance runner.

Land on outside of the forefoot (the ball of the foot, just below the 4th and 5th metatarsal heads). The ankle dorsiflexes as the lower leg moves forward relative to the foot and the foot everts (rolls inward).
Ankle plantarflexes bringing the heel off the ground (calf muscles and Achilles tendon now shorten). The shoe needs to provide stability over uneven terrain, prevent water from entering the shoe or allow it to drain quickly, protect the soles of the feet from rocks and other sharp objects, and provide enough feedback for the runner to be able to instinctively alter their running style over different terrains.

This allowed me to draw on Nike's strong design aesthetic in their performance footwear, whilst bringing in new elements that were specific for trail running trainers.

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