The Gym ball is also known by a number of different names including Swiss ball, exercise ball, therapy ball and balance ball. Our physios are experienced in the correct usage of the Gym ball and use it as one of the tools for rehabilitation. Gym balls come in several different sizes and we can advise you of the most appropriate size for your needs.
The air filled exercise cushion helps you work on your balance when you stand or sit on it, making you constantly move to compensate for the flexibility of your base. The GoFit Core Disk Balance cushion helps exercise core muscles as well as improve balance and stability.

Using a Gym ball as part of a fitness program can include a wide range of difficulty levels, each requiring support from the back and stomach muscles that help firm up the trunk muscles in the body. The Gym ball can be used to develop overall control and strength of the ocre body muscles, improve balance and stability, improving proprioception and increasing abdominal and lower back strength. And once you”ve mastered using the smooth side of the exercise_cushion, there”s a whole new challenge on the knobbly side!
It is supplied with a Core Performance training DVD led by Mark Verstegen, who presents Core Disk drills with the cushion.
Exercise balls are commonly used as part of a physical therapy program for individuals with low back pain.

The ball is easy to clean, has smooth and textured surface what makes it ideal for exercises requiring a greater grip.
The ball can be adjusted to different levels of difficulty by increasing or decreasing deflation.

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