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PORTABLE FLAGMAN’S MAT Nitrile Version – Guaranteed any conditions 3 yrs from day of purchase. Your doctor will prescribe an oral anti-fungal medication which enter your bloodstream and work from the inside. Bacterial infections in a diabetic can deteriorate very quickly and easily spread through out the foot.

Your healthcare provider will take deep tissue cultures from the infected area to see what type of infection you have, which organisms are involved and which antibiotics will work best. If untreated, the infection can easily and quickly spread to the rest of your foot including bone causing serious complications. Keeping your blood glucose in check, daily foot care, early identification of a foot problem and early intervention to prevent further deterioration are the key to minimizing serious long term foot damage caused by diabetes.!

Your healthcare provide may take X-rays of your foot, perform bone scans or do a bone biopsy.

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