Nursing shoes and nursing clogs are designed to provide around-the-clock comfort by supporting the curves of the foot correctly and being breathable and lightweight. Most nursing shoes follow a clog design and slip on and off, although shoes are available with laces, buckles, and Velcro. Having comfortable shoes can make a world of difference for a nurse who might otherwise have to worry about foot pain and the consequences that can result from improper foot support, including back problems. A good nursing shoe will have a very gentle heel (about 1.5 inches), which supports a correct walking motion. They are easy to find and order on the internet, and they are also sold at many uniform stores and normal shoe stores.

It offers shoes made by Koi, Dansko, Timberland, and other brands, and these shoes can be bought in different colors, prints, and textures. The emphasis is on colorful prints, but there are also many solid color and dark color nursing shoes. Any of their “at work” shoes should be suitable for nurses, and they come in clog, sandal, low heel, and sneaker form. One step that nurses can take to make their jobs a little easier is to buy comfortable, high-quality nursing shoes. If you don’t feel like making a trip to the shoe store or you cannot find any nursing shoes at the store, you can order them online as long as you know your shoe size.

It is a good idea to check various websites for sales and discounts, and to search sites like Ebay and Amazon, where shoes may be cheaper but still brand new.

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