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In my Neuromuscular Therapy center near Boston I am finding more and more that the lumbar portion of little multifidi (and sometimes the rotatores) muscles is a big cause of low back pain.
Trigger Points from the multifidi mostly spread out into the surrounding area causing local back pain, but they can refer down into the buttock, into the tailbone (coccyx) and into the back of the thigh and leg. Nerve entrapment can occur as some of the spinal nerves make their way through these muscle groups out to the skin of the back.

3) I find that prolonged shortening of the muscles in certain positions can tighten the muscles and cause pain and spasm.
They can also surprisingly refer into the front of the body to the abdomen with pain that can feel like it’s coming from the internal organs.
In the low back you have vertebral joints, facet joints, the lumbosacral joint, and the sacroiliac joint.

All of these actions and functions use the multifidi muscles and cause pain in the low back.

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