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Sciatica refers to symptoms of leg pain, tingling, numbness and weakness that start in the lower back, through the hip and buttock, going down the sciatic nerve in the back of the leg. In cases where the initial treatments have not been effective, X-rays are a cost effective way to rule out serious underlying problems such as tumors, infections and fractures. Treatment that was prescribed took into account only one aspect of the condition, for example treating only muscle spasm with massage and muscle relaxants while not helping the underlying nerve compression.
In most other cases, even where pain, stiffness, weakness and even numbness are severe or have been present for a long time, there are multiple non-surgical options that a patient should first consider. At The Pain Relief Clinic, we adopt a biomedical targeted approach that addresses how the multiple component causes of pain affect you.

This allows us to provide treatment strategy that targets the root cause of your condition using medical technology in a comprehensive and cost-effective way. Today we will be discussing Pronation Syndrome and how to treat it with Chiropractic care.  Pronation is one of the most common health issues associated with feet and can lead to some well known foot problems such as flat feet, hammer toes, bunions, and widening of the fore foot.
Treatment for shin splints is as simple as reducing pain and inflammation, identifying training and biomechanical problems which may have helped cause the injury initially, restoring muscles to their original condition and gradually returning to training. At Trigger point Performance therapy we can aid during this treatment method by providing a way by that adhesion and scar tissue within the tibialis anticus are often broken down. Common examples include being offered expensive and frequent treatments for extended periods.

Craig is your chiropractor for the Outer Banks and can help you with your Pronation and associated foot and ankle problems, as well as any other of your chiropractic needs. Shin splints are generally caused by overuse of the tibialis anterior muscle, which is the muscle responsible for flexion of the foot. Pain occurs when the sheath, or periosteum, encompassing the tibia becomes inflamed as a result of the strain the anterior tibialis puts on this connective tissue between the muscle thus causing pain in the bone.

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