Appropriate modifications in foot wears, like insoles helps to disseminate this stress over the entire foot, relieving the pressure points.
Diseases like Rhumatoid arthritis cause joint and ligament inflammation leading to increased friction and pain. These arthritis shoes not only relax the feet and enhance the range of motion, but certain specially designed foot wears restrict motion in certain directions so as to rest the foot at some joints and ligaments. Thus, correct foot wear can help alleviate many symptoms of arthritis patients, by improving their quality of life and preventing a lot of deformities and disease related complications.
Arthritis is basically an inflammation of joints which is usually because of their wear and tear degenerative processes but could also be attributed to a lot of other metabolic states.

For example, modifications like a hard forefoot sole can help to reduce the pain in the front of the foot by limiting the range of movement. Examining one’s foot wear and its sole and relating it clinically with the symptoms helps doctors to individualize the foot wear designing for their patients to address their specific needs and correct their gait disorders by relieving the pressure points.
For example, new shoes (with absolutely no signs of wear) that are no longer in their original box fall into this category. Treatment for arthritis is best sought early, when it’s still amenable to medical management and lifestyle modification. Some common types of footwear and its modifications for arthritis patients are given below.

Simple changes in one’s footwear can go a long way to combat the arthritis related morbidity.

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