Most of us fear the name Arthritis so much that the mere mentioning of it can open our eyes wide with fear. Arthritic conditions can be treated successfully with the help of Dandelion leaves, which is easily available. Arthritis is a common chronic disease that causes pain in the moving parts of the body, the joints. Cure for Arthritis the natural way is possible if you have patience and belief in natural curing techniques.

This anti-inflammatory quality of the gum of this tree which is mainly found in India is used to cure arthritis in a natural way. This Japanese treatment has been used by people for centuries for reducing Arthritis. Eating 7-8 cherries a day can act as a treatment for Arthritis. This too can be taken regularly as a treatment for this disease. Being a good source of Magnesium and Potassium, Cherry is considered as a best treatment for Arthritis.
If used regularly, the pain caused by Arthritis can be reduced as it helps in maintaining the blood supply to the joints.

Drinking 1 or 2 cups of hop tea during dinner and bedtime would work wonders on your joint pains.

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