There are so many reasons for foot pain some of which have been discussed, but one may be the collapse of arches as the patient ages. Being flatfooted is not a reason to get orthotics, pain from fallen arches may however be relieved by inserting orthotics or arch supports into appropriate shoes. The ‘arch’ of the foot, on the medial or inside of the foot is a common area for injuries and pain.
Plantar fasciitis – The plantar fascia is a supportive structure that runs through the arch of the foot.
Patients who suffer from pronated feet often experience pain during activity when there is excessive stress going through the arches of the feet.
If arch pain in the feet is causing distress and difficulty moving about, it is good to get your feet assessed as soon as possible.

Change footwear – Ensure you are wearing appropriate, cushioned footwear with adequate arch support. Foot arch pain can be rather distressing given the amount of time we spend on our feet every day. It acts as the “shock absorber” of the foot and is lined by different tendons and muscles that support the bones of the foot. This can also cause of arch pain due to the large number of small joints making up the arch of the foot. However, simple and effective measures that reduce pain and increase mobility are available, and your podiatrist will be happy to guide you to getting you back on your feet! In some cases, it can become thickened or inflamed, causing pain through the heel and the arch of the foot.

That includes Rest, Ice pack application, Compression with an elastic bandage and Elevation of the foot to reduce any swelling.
Topical anti-inflammatory creams and gels can also be very useful when massaged into the arches of the feet.
This can cause significant pain that can stop people from exercising and limit their daily activities.

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