Haflinger’s slipper and clogs makes you feel at home, wherever you are and that is a recipe for success. Of course you can expect the same high quality Haflinger features: 100% wool felt, cork-mid sole, non-slip sole, good arch support and Haflinger’s unique flexible footbed which is wonderfully comfortable as the foot is held securely by the gently contoured footbed and the raised rim of felt surrounding the heel. In the new Shoegarden video you can see how you can wear Haflinger slippers and clogs.The video is funny and refreshing,featuring Corky, one of the Shoegarden dogs, in her debut role.
Boiled wool, as it is called, is the ideal material for making slippers that are warm, comfortable, serviceable and timeless.The wool yarn is first knitted into fabric then pressure washed and boiled the result is the ideal slipper material. Haflinger is trying to capture the friendship between people and the two most desired pets – the cat and the dog, by designing pure wool slippers featuring a cat playing with a wool ball and cute dachs dog.

The slippers are made of boiled wool uppers moulded-to-fit and stitched onto contoured footbed insoles with thick latex impregnated felt soles. The cat slipper is very special for Shoegarden as it was designed by childrens illustrator Mi Young from Cambridge. If you have any suggestions for a new design of slippers or addition to the existing, please leave a comment below.
We have some suggestions for you from our Haflinger slippers and clogs range that you might like. Welcome to Haflinger UKPlease browse our site for information about Haflinger shoes, clogs and slippers in the United Kingdom.

This pure wool stocking slipper, will not only keep your feet warm in the winter, but it will also set you in the right mood for the coming Festive Season. You can wear them as slippers at home, isolating your feet from cold stone or wooden floors, or you can nip outside because they have a non-slip rubber sole.

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