If there is a gray bar, and another darker gray bar on top of that, then that shoe has even more stability. Dominate the trails in Altra®'s popular max-cushioned trail shoe that's been upgraded with a fresh new look and a more durable upper mesh. Stride lightweight yet strong and stable in the featherweight, single-layer mesh upper that features an adaptive fit system for enhanced midfoot support. The Anima has been updated and is the perfect shoe for those looking for lightweight, running on or off the trail. Now there are some people who can run in no shoes (there was one guy on my track who did run barefoot, rain or shine) or the cheapest thing every constructed, held together by duct tape, and be running easy.

Keep in mind that most cheap shoes don’t have any arch support, or at most they are very mild. Just because someone gives rave reviews about a pair of shoes, doesn’t mean they will fit your feet nearly as well.
In my personal experience with some of the higher end shoes, I found Saucony has a narrow toe and heel.
Not all the shoes in the brand follow the same characteristics, but I found that this was a common trend. Cross trainers have support to keep the foot from rolling when moving side to side, but that doesn’t work so great for the runners who are moving forward.

Finally, I think the shoe industry is having a laugh at us with the colours they pick for their shoes. Because if that shoe fits well, and is lime green and hot pink, and you’re a dude, you buy those damn shoes and go run in some mud.

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