I'm a flat-footed runner, who found the best running shoes arch support in New Balance's stability running shoes series, starting with the 1224. Dominate the trails in Altra®'s popular max-cushioned trail shoe that's been upgraded with a fresh new look and a more durable upper mesh. Stride lightweight yet strong and stable in the featherweight, single-layer mesh upper that features an adaptive fit system for enhanced midfoot support. The Anima has been updated and is the perfect shoe for those looking for lightweight, running on or off the trail. If one is serious in having a regular running program or participating in a marathon, he has to consider this type of footwear.
This type of footwear helps control overpronation, which has the tendency to worsen when running.
Whereas before, the NB 1224 was already the best running shoes arch support for me, the NB 1225 became the best of the best.

There's the Absorb Strobe Board which runs all throughout the entire length of the shoe, which maximizes shock absorption. New Balance 1123New Balance 1123 is a high mileage running shoe that gives cushioning, stability and utmost motion control. It has a light and breathable Synthetic mesh upper with suede overlays that provide enhanced comfort and support. By putting the Ortholite foam insert, which gives the shoe the quality of airiness and breathability and at the same time acts as an antimicrobial medium to eliminate all those germs that can cause unpleasant odor.Not to forget the reason why I'm so happy with this new stability running shoe version.
Aside from being the best running shoe for arch support and comfort, NB 1225 looks every bit modern and attractive. This shoe comes with the 3D Reflexibility that gives visibility while running during low light hours.3.
The dual density collar creates that ready impression of comfortable snug-fit which is quite true once you wear the shoes.

In fact, the Sure Lace system is a welcome addition in providing medial support as it keeps the feet snugly locked-in. I could never ask for more, in a pair of the best running shoes-- arch support provider like this New Balance 1225.By the way, you may want to try the next size like I did. It accommodates orthotics.Summary of this Arch Support Running Shoes Asics GT 2130, New Balance 1123 and Reebok ZigTech are the choices of Arch Support Running Shoes. They provide the proper arch support with the different technologies they incorporate and materials they are made with. In addition to this, these shoes, also, allow you to maintain your natural gait while running.These brands of Arch Support Running Shoes provide all the necessary beneficial features that make running, a more efficient yet comfortable exercise.

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