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High arch insoles with firm arch support and cupped heel are specifically designed to correct misalignment of the foot and provide a firm support to high arched feet and reduce arch pain and the risk of injury. Before you buy running shoes for high arches there are several things you should first understand about your feet, and how it affects your running performance. Fortunately, there are several options of running shoes for high arches that will enhance your run and aid in improving your stride. The first thing you need to understand is what role your arches play in your running motion.
However, higher arches hinder this natural rotation, and instead shift the weight to the outer edge of your foot. Without the proper running shoe, underpronation may result in a plantar fasciitis injury, which is a pain and soreness in the plantar fascia tissue that runs from your heel to your forefoot. Choosing running shoes for high arches can decrease your risk of injury, and help improve your performance.

Enhanced cushioning helps absorb shock that would otherwise be absorbed naturally by neutral pronation and arches. Shoes designed for high arches also tend to be more flexible and slightly curved to promote an inward rotation, whereas shoes for overpronators are often stiffer to constrict that same movement. The Asics GEL Kinetic 3 is designed for athletes demanding the most out of their running shoe.
If you are a runner looking for a super comfortable running shoe, the Asics GEL Cumulus 12 is definitely a trainer to consider. If you are craving a smooth, comfortable ride, you will find it in the Adidas Response Cushion 19 This shoe is jam-packed with features designed for runners with neutral to underpronating strides, and can handle just about any terrain you throw its way.
The Brooks Ghost 3 was created to provide maximum comfort and forefoot sprinagbility for the neutral or underpronating runner with moderate to high arches. The Mizuno Rider 14 is geared for runners searching for a well cushioned shoe at a solid value.

The New Balance 1064 was strategically crafted for runners with a normal to underpronating stride. High arch insoles also prevent the foot from in-rolling, or over-pronating, which is a major cause of long term damage to the feet. High arch insoles are suitable for running shoes, traditional walking boots, golf, combat and safety boots.

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